Why Here?

A Space To Meet…

“I had my meetings with my clients at D’ Fat Mona Lisa Cafe. It is really perfect for making me feel energetic and motivated!” Impress your partners or clients with the environment of relaxing and relief from stress. Inspire them with the taste as well as the art of the food and beverages. Make them feel excited to meet you over here! Trust us! It’s your unique spot for meetings or hang-outs!

A Space To Do Business…

“It’s hard to express how this location helped me to improved my business model as well as profits.” Sometimes it’s quite difficult to get a perfect location to prepare for a business presentation. To be frank,it’s quite boring to predict that the fast food outlets as well as coffee chain shop will be over-crowded for most of the time.

A Space To Teach…

“I like the environment over here so much,it’s increased my passion and interest to teach more without noticing it.” Don’t think about expensive costs for training venues. It’s the ideal space and location for training with approximately 30pax. The sections are filled up with most of the essentials items you’ll need for your awesome training session!

A Space To Enjoy Great Coffee…

“Needless to say more, Wonderful!” Either meeting or reunions, it will never be a complete piece without the combination of a good cup of coffee and dessert. But here, we have them both! We make art not war! And if you’re craving for food, we do serve light Scandinavian cuisine that makes your taste bud get hyped! Don’t miss out!

And everything else is free… in one great space!

Free Power Supply

Free Wifi

Free Parking

Free Cool Air

Great Music

No Need To Pay To Pee